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Event Logo 2019 USATF New York Junior Olympic T&F Championships
Saturday, June 15, 2019 - Sunday, June 16, 2019
Icahn Stadium
New York, NY
On-Time Entry Deadline: 6/11/2019 11:59:00 PM
Late Entry Deadline: 6/11/2019 11:59:00 PM

June 16 - results
June 12 - updated event schedule
June 13 - heat sheets
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Age Division Year of Birth
8 & Under  2011+
9 - 10  2009-2010
11 - 12  2007-2008
13 - 14  2005-2006
15 - 16  2003-2005
17 - 18 
* athletes born in 2000 are also eligible if they do not turn 19 on or before 7/30/2019


Membership This meet is open to 2019 USATF New York member athletes who fall within the age divisions listed above. You may check the status of your USATF membership here. Memberships can be obtained online here

Citizenship: Only U.S. citizens, aliens living in the United States and foreign exchange students are eligible to compete in these Championships.  See the USATF Rules for more information and exceptions.

Divisions: A competitor must compete in his/her age division only.  There will be no "moving up" in any events, including relays.  Competitors in the 8 & Under, 9 - 10 and 11 - 12 age divisions may compete in a maximum of three (3) events, including relays.  Competitors in the 13 - 14, 15 - 16 and 17 - 18 age divisions may compete in a maximum of four (4) events, including relays.  Combined events are not included in the event count.  All athletes must be 2019 members of USATF in good standing.

Proof of Birth: Each athlete's date or birth must be verified and included as part of their USATF member profile before the athlete's entry can be submitted. If the athlete's date of birth has been verified in the past and their membership was renewed then they will be able to submit their entry. Proof of Birth (copy of birth certificate, passport, certified baptismal record, driver’s license or U.S. government identification) should be emailed to the USATF New York membership chair (please included the athlete's USATF membership on the document.  CLICK HERE TO SEND PROOF OF BIRTH

See USATF Competition Rules, Rule 300.1 (i) for further information.
Clubs: for a club to be active it must have renewed its club membership for 2019 and have at least one coach’s background check. A list of current USATF member clubs can be found via your association’s website.
Relays: Each member of a relay team must be affiliated with registered USATF clubs. All athletes representing a club must be affiliated with and members of that club as part of their USATF membership.
$6.00 per event  
$24.00 per relay team    

Combined Events** (Decathlon, Heptathlon, Pentathlon,Triathlon): $0 per event
**Combined Events will not be contested at teh New York Championships. You must enter this meet if you would like to be waved to the region 1 championships.

Deadline: June 11, 2019 at  
Late entries will not be accepted.  No onsite entries.

Enter Here (online entries only) 
note: age verification must already be included in the athlete's USATF member profile be BEFORE entries can be submitted. For verification, contact John Padula via email
subject to change    updated June 12 (11:30am)     download schedule (pdf)

There will be separate check-in areas for Running and Field events.  Athletes must check in at these designated areas when called.  All athletes will be required to remain in the designated warm-up areas after checking in.

All competitors must wear their assigned bib numbers during competition and on the front on their jerseys only.  If an athlete loses the bib number, a replacement can be purchased for a fee $10 Bib numbers will be distributed to athletes on the 3rd floor

During competition, event results will be posted on-site.  In addition, event results will be posted on this page.
There will be a $100.00 fee for all protests. Protests must be submitted to the Protest Referee no later than 30 minutes after a result has been posted. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld. 

USATF Junior Olympic medals will be awarded to the top 6 individuals and the top 6 relay teams in each event of each age division.

The top 8 individuals and relay teams in each event of each age division will advance to the USATF Region 1 Championships to be held on July 11-14 in Port Jefferson, NY.

Advancements must be completed by declaring online via  Declaration will open on June 19, 2019
The National Junior Olympic Championships will be held from Monday, July 22   to Sunday, July 28  in Sacramento, CA. The top 5 athletes at the Region 1 Championships will qualify for the National Championships, in combined events the top 2 athletes will qualify.   

Only ¼” Spikes are allowed 

The following are prohibited from Icahn stadium 
• Alcohol 
• Smoking
• Glass or metal containers 
• Food/Gum on the track or the infield 
• Pets
• liquids other than water are allowed on the track surface
• hard coolers 
John Padula   718-809-4915