Bayly wins fourth straight 15 km title in Tulsa

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At the 2019 USATF Masters 15 km Championships on Saturday (26-Oct) Fiona Bayly, 52, of New York was the overall winner (all age divisions) for the second year in a row and claimed the 50-54 age division national title for the third straight year.  She also won the 45-49 title in 2016 making this year's age division title her fourth straight at the 15 km distance.

Bayly, the USATF New York Masters Athlete of the Year the past three years, stopped the clock at 57:58.  
The time is her fastest of the four victories in Tulsa and just 43 seconds slower than her career best at the distance. Her performance converts to an age graded score of 92.30%; the third best in the women's competition.  Scores above 90% are considered world class and scores in the 80-90% range are considered national classs.  Edie Stevenson, 70, of Boulder who recorded a new U.S. 70-74 record time of 1:13:16; scored the best age graded score of 93.65%.  Squeezing between Stevenson and Bayly was Suzanne Rey, 67, of Oregon who scored 92.96%.

"I recall feeling somewhat tentative last year, due to the new course, but this year I felt completely prepared and ran "close to the ground," knowing what the course required to race it with dignity. It was not any "easier," but it was a known quantity."  

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