Event Listing

Event Logo 2018 USATF East Region Open Track & Field Championships
Sunday, July 22, 2018 - Sunday, July 22, 2018
Icahn Stadium
New York, NY
On-Time Entry Deadline: 7/19/2018 11:59:00 PM
Late Entry Deadline: 7/19/2018 11:59:00 PM

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  • General: USATF members and registered clubs from an association east of the Mississippi River are eligible to score at the East Regional Championships.  Athletes from outside this area are eligible to compete as non-scoring guest competitors.
  • USATF Membership: All competitors must be current USATF members.
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  • Minimum Age: On date of competition athletes must meet the minimum age requirements; 14 for Women and 16 for Men.
  • Entry Standards: other than the standards listed below there are no entry standards:
                5,000m Race Walk Entry Standard -  Women 35:00   Men 35:00
Date Received Individual Events
On-Time: on or before July 19 at 11:59 p.m. ET $20 1st event; $10 each additional event
$30 per relay
Late (on site on July 22) $60 per event
 # An additional processing fee will be added to each entry
SCHEDUE OF EVENTS   updated July 21 at 11:15am 
12:00 PM 400m Hurdles Women Final
12:10 400m Hurdles Men Final
12:15 100m Trials Women Trials
12:25 100m Trials Men Trials
12:40 5,000m Racewalk Women & Men Final
12:45 100m Hurdles Women Final
12:55 110m Hurdles Men Final
1:05 200m Women Trials
1:20 200m Men Trials
1:45 3,000m Steeplechase Women Final
2:00 3,000m Steeplechase Men Final
2:15 400m Women Final
2:20 400m Men Final
2:35 1500m Women Final
2:45 1500m Men Final
3:00 200m Women Final
3:05 200m Men Final
3:10 800m Women Final
3:15 800m Men Final
3:25 100m Women Final
3:30 100m Men Final
3:40 5,000m Women & Men Final
4:05 4 X 100m Relay Women Final
4:10 4 X 100m Relay Men Final
4:15 4 X 400m Relay Women Final
4:20 4 X 400m Relay Men Final
10:00 AM Hammer Women Final
11:00 Hammer Men Final
12:00 PM Discus Women Final
12:00  Shot Put  Men Final
12:00  Long Jump Women Final
12:00  Long Jump Men Final
12:00  Pole Vault Women Final
1:00 High Jump Women Final
1:15 Discus Men Final
1:15 Shot Put  Women Final
2:00  Triple Jump Women Final
2:00  High Jump Men Final
2:30 Triple Jump Men Final
2:30  Javelin Women Final
2:30  Pole Vault Men Final
3:45 Javelin Men Final

  • Top three in each event will receive medals 
Athlete packets will be available on the third floor of the Icahn Stadium. All packets will include a competitor number which must be worn on the front torso area. (Pole Vault athletes may wear on back).
Clerking will take place in the small garage on the South side of Icahn Stadium adjacent to the start of the 100m dash. Field events will check in at the event when called. 

Athletes must provide their own their own implements and pole vault poles. All throwing implements must be inspected and approved by meet management prior to use in competition.
The track will be open for warm-up up to 15 minutes prior to the first event. At that time all warm-up should be completed outside of Icahn Stadium. Randall’s Island features over 6 miles of pathways for running as well as turf soccer field that can be used for warm-up.
Two EMT’s will be available for emergencies and basic medical assistance. No athletic trainers or massage therapist will be onsite during the competition. 

Icahn Stadium is an IAAF Class 1 certified Track & Field Athletic Complex. The Mondo Super X surfaced facility includes 4 bi-directional Long Jump and Pole Vault Pits, 4 Shot Put Circles, 2 Javelin and Hammer/Discus Circles, and is considered one of the fastest tracks in the United States.
Icahn Stadium Rules:
  • Only 1/8” or ¼” spikes are permitted at Icahn Stadium and will be for sale at the Stadium
  • No tents, chairs, pets, or hard coolers are permitted inside of Icahn Stadium

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