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Event Logo 2014 USA 50 km Championships
Sunday, March 2, 2014 - Thursday, June 1, 2017
Caumsett State Park
Lloyd Harbor, NY

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New York Results:



Masters Div. Place




Open Women


1. (40-44)

Tina-Marie Poulin

New York, N.Y.




Lauren Valentino

Mount Vernon, N.Y.




Mary Harvey

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Open Men



Tommy Pyon

Flushing N.Y.




Aaron Heath

White Plains N.Y.




Hideki Kinoshita

Brooklyn N.Y.



6. (40-44)

Steven T Lee

New York N.Y.



4. (50-54)

Eliot Lee

Croton On Hudson N.Y.



5. (50-54)

Dave Kleckner

New York N.Y.



1. (60-64)

Frank Deleo

Brooklyn N.Y.



8. (40-44)

Kenneth Tom

Brooklyn N.Y.



2. (55-59)

Alexis Davidson

Brooklyn N.Y.


Tina-Marie Poulin - This is the second time that I have run the USA 50 km Championship. I had such a great race experience last year so wanted to come back again this year. One always hopes to run faster than the previous year but it has been a very cold winter in the Northeast so I just wasn't able to get in as many long runs this year and ended up running this year's race about 1 minute slower.  I am hoping to go to Austria in September to compete at the Mountain Running Masters World Championship so would like to do the USA Mountain Running Championship in July in New Hampshire.   

Ken Tom - I had a great time last weekend.  This was my first 50k distance ultra although I have done a 60k last year I felt this was a great and challenging distance.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The aid stations were perfectly placed as was the layout and the volunteers were outstanding.  I am a native New Yorker, born and raised on the Lower East of Manhattan and have lived in Brooklyn for the last 26 years.  I started running at a very late age and I used to be over 65 lbs overweight.  I have been running for almost 4 years now.  I have done 4 marathons, 2 ultras (including this one) and countless half marathons.  This is my first USATF race.

Hideki Kinoshita - This was my was my 14th 50 km distance ultramarathon.  I ran a personal best by 25 mins, with a 4:14:46 finish time.  My goal was to break 4:15, and I had to fight really hard to reach it, with a 3:28:35 marathon split.  Next year, I would like to aim for the elusive sub-4 hour mark.  The weather turned out to be perfect with no snow, as previously forecast.  Although you have to run 10 loops of 5K, the race does not get mind numbing at all.  The camaraderie was extremely high, as I continuously saw my Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB); Dashing Whippets; and Marathon Maniacs teammates on the race course.  

Steven Lee - This was my 5th 50 km and my first race as USATF member and RWB team. I realized this is my 50 km personal best by 24 minutes. I really enjoyed the loop course because seeing my teammates and friends every loop was a great feeling. The volunteers was very helpful and aid stations were great. There was of plenty food and drinks following the race and I am really impressed with the race organization. I am looking forward to running more USATF races in the near future.

Tommy Pyon - This was my 2nd time running the 50 km Champs at Caumsett, and due to the fact that it's early in the season, and a cold weather race, this event has always been a challenge for me. I ran a bit slower than what I believe I'm capable of, but it was still a blast competing with some of the best ultra runners from the area as well as the country.  This was a new 50 km PR for me (3:34:54 vs 3:42:05 from last year).  I got into running ultra distance events just a few months after I ran my first marathon in the spring of 2009. I had been running since the early 2000s, but didn't get into racing until 2008. My competitive side was instantly hooked on racing, and I knew from the start that marathons and longer distance events were what I wanted to focus on. I regularly race all distances from 5K and up, doing 2 to 3 races every month, but I am most competitive at the 6 Hour timed or 50 Mile distance events, as I have won 4 of the 7 that I've raced in those categories, and finished 2nd in the remaining 3. My personal best for a road 6 Hour event is 49.31 miles, or roughly the equivalent of a 6:05 time for 50 Miles. In my ultra running career thus far, I've run 15 ultramarathons, which includes a 100 Miler that my first one last summer.