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Event Logo 2014 USA 100 Mile Trail Championships
Saturday, February 1, 2014 - Thursday, June 1, 2017
Start Time: 6:00 AM
Huntsville State Park
Huntsville, TX

New York results:
Open Women
17.  Melissa Woods   New York, NY    26:18:03
Open Men
29.  Hideki Kinoshita   Brooklyn, NY    23:27:28
Full Championship results

Melissa Woods -  While I dealt with a painful IT band issue throughout the race I am so excited to have finished my first 100 miler.  The course couldn't have been better. I didn't get lost once, which for me is a miracle. The course markings were oatmeal-brain proofed. The way that I organized it in my brain though was by lap distances (20 miles each lap), which really helped me fathom how much farther I had left to go. "20-40 now. then 40-60 next"...sounds much more doable than 32..33... ...41..42.... It was actually kind of nice being out there with so many other people. I wasn't out there to win, I was out there to finish, so all the friendly faces kept my spirits up and kept me moving at a good pace. They really put on a great race, and took really great care of me in the toughest hours. I'm really happy I chose this one and will definitely do it again!
Hideki KinoshitaIt took me until my 12th trail 100 attempt to finally earn this coveted sub-24 belt buckle.  I finished the 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100 race (23:27) with practically a 4hr trail 100 PR (27:12), & a 6hr course PR (29:21).  I feel redeemed after getting lost at the 2012 Rocky Raccoon 100, running an extra 5 miles, and almost missing the time cutoff.  

When people say running is an individual sport, that is the biggest lie.  There is absolutely no way I could have finished this race without a top notch support system of my Team RWB crewmates Evy Gonzales, Kenneth Tom, & Joshua Scott, along with DamNation aid station medic Lynn Ballard. 

I had great experiences and also set PR's at my other USATF National Championship races: 2011 NorthCoast 24 and 2014 Bandera 100K.  I eagerly look forward to my next ones: 2014 Caumsett 50K & 2014 Cayuga Trails 50.