Bayly wins 15 km title in Tulsa

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At the 2017 USATF Masters 15 km Championships on Saturday (28-Oct) Fiona Bayly, 50, of New York was the overall winner (all age divisions) and claimed the 50-54 age division national title.  The race was run in unseasonably cold 35 degree temperatures and double digit winds on what is considered a challenging course.

Bayly, the 2016 USATF New York Masters Athlete of the Year, stopped the clock at 58:46 which converts to an age graded score of 88.68%; the sixth best in the women's competition.  Scores above 90% are considered world class and scores in the 80-90% range are considered national classs.

At last year's championship run in warm conditions she won the 45-49 title; finishing second overall behind 40-44 winner Melissa Gacek of Minnesota.  This year she defeated Gacek by 57 seconds.

"I am absolutely thrilled with my race Saturday in Tulsa. Last year I had food poisoning and was exceptionally bummed about placing 2nd... so on several levels this win at the same championship meant ALOT to me."   read more about Fiona's Tulsa experience