Armajani 17th at 100 km Trail Championships in Texas


The Bandera 100k course was slightly more technical than I expected, and when the gun went off with the caliber of elite runners competing it was hard to not go out hard and fast.  This combination caught up with me, and around mile 25 I found myself realizing that I had dug myself into a hole.  Coming from the freezing (literally) east coast this mixed with the "heat" of the afternoon created a difficult middle of the race for me.  But the aid stations were top notch, I had my dad there crewing for me which always motivates me, and the competition was friendly.  I can't even begin to tell you how many great conversations I had with runners along the course that helped the miles pass.  The day ended perfectly, running down the ridge with the most beautiful pink sunset i've seen crossing the finish line just before the sun dipped behind the hills.  All in all, any day that you get to run from sunrise to sunset is a good day - and Bandera did not disappoint.